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Our team consists only of enthusiasts - experienced pentesters, IT security researchers, and programmers. We have two things in common: we love hacking and want to share it. 

We believe we can keep pace with today's constantly changing world through practical training, not only in defense but also in the offense. To polish our skills, we regularly participate in many international IT security competitions called Capture The Flag(CTF) and win them.

CTF teams

Everyone in HackingDept is a member of the best Polish CTF teams, and they are successful in the global struggle, many times showing that they are among the world's leading experts in the field of IT security.

neonowe szkielety

CTF teams

Dragon Sector

The current and triple world champion and one of the most successful CTF teams. It was established in 2013 and won the global classification for the first time in the following season.  By the end of last season, the team had over 28 victories in international competitions.

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Bronze medalist in the CTFtime ranking in 2018. The second-best team in Poland. It boasts fourth place in  2019 and the fifth in 2016. Over the past four years, the team has stood on the podium of international competitions almost 50 times.

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The Polish team "Poland Can Into Space" took second place in the finals of the "Hack-a-Sat" competition, organized by the United States Air Force (USAF).  

The aim of the competition was to regain control of a satellite lost in a simulated hacking attack. The Polish team took second place in them. An additional task during the finals was to develop a mission plan to take a satellite photo of the moon. The Polish team prepared the most accurate plan, which was the only one that was implemented by a real satellite in orbit around the Earth.


While preparing for the finals, which took place on August 7-9, 2020, each team had to familiarize themselves with all the components of the final satellite model. It was not without problems - in the last days before the finals a tropical storm passed through the east coast of the United States. It deprived several hundred thousand houses of electricity, including a team member's home, where the test satellite was located. The "Polish" satellite had to be powered by a diesel generator then.


To take part in the finals, the Polish team had to be among the 8 best teams from the qualifying stage. It required solving dozens of tasks in the field of IT security and satellite technologies. Beating over 1,200 teams from around the world, the Poles also made it to the finals from second place.


"Poland Can Into Space" consisted of members of p4 and Dragon Sector - two of the best Polish teams in the field of IT security ("Capture The Flag"), and experts with experience in designing Polish student satellite missions. It is worth noting that a large part of the team were current or former specialists from the CERT Polska team, operating within NASK structures. For the results achieved in the Hack-A-Sat competition, the Polish team received a prize of 45,000 dollars.

Poland Can Into Space

Moon photo taken by satellite in accordance with the mission plan prepared by the Polish team.

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