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Can we order a custom scenario in HackingDept environment?

The subscription model provides 2 standardized scenarios, but we can also create a dedicated scenario for the technology chosen by the client. This process is preceded by an analysis of the client's expectations.


Can we use the HackingDept environment for our own needs, e.g. extend it with our own virtual machines?

It is possible, but any changes are not covered by the support service provided by HackingDept. In case of technical problems with the delivered environment, it is required to restore it to the factory state.


Can I resume my subscription after it has expired?

Yes, the customer can resume the subscription at any time. In addition, it is possible to purchase access to the scenarios issued during inactivity, for an additional fee.


Can I purchase the device on my own?

Due to possible problems with the division of responsibilities in the handling of service events, this is not the preferred model.


Are software licenses included in the price of HackingDept?

The licenses provided are temporary (trial version). In order to ensure uninterrupted, legal access to all functions of the solution, they must be replaced with important ones on their own. Installation should be made in accordance with the provided instructions.


Can more than one user work on your platform at the same time?

There is a possibility of parallel execution of tasks by several users in different scenarios, and in some cases - also within one.

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