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NetWars training is a new module in the HackingDept cloud platform, which has been carefully prepared to increase the practical competencies of teams responsible for an organization's security through competition. This is an advanced environment for holding workshops and time-limited team competitions.

Currently, each environment consists of 18 virtual machines, on which 16 flags must be obtained, which are evidence of taking control over servers and services. Starting with the "Public" network, the participants are tasked with accessing the computer located on the last network segment called "Management." To do this, they must take over the organization's computers one by one, just like a real hacker. Each intercepted machine gives a broader picture of the attacked infrastructure and more opportunities to escalate the attack.



During the training / competition, participants will solve security-related in the following topics:

  • networks,

  • web applications,

  • Windows and Linux environments,

  • Active Directory,

  • reverse engineering and malware analysis,

  • cryptography,

  • basic binary exploitation.

There are two options for preparing tasks to be used during training:

  • database of already used tasks - original tasks prepared by the HackingDept team for the purposes of competitions organized for various clients,

  • new proprietary tasks of the HackingDept team dedicated to the Client, not previously published (the subject of the tasks is agreed with the Client).

Each team receives exclusive access to a dedicated infrastructure, divided into many network segments, which is a simulation of an example company. 

trening netwars na platformie szkoleniowej HackingDept

To make the training/competition realistic, the teams will work under time pressure, having a strictly limited time to gain full control over the organization. The basic version of the exercise is prepared for 10-20 teams consisting of 2-4 people and lasts 24 hours, but after agreeing with the Client, both the event time, the number of teams, and their size may change.

After completing the exercises, we offer 1-day workshops, during which we will show you how to solve the tasks and discuss the techniques used.

It is possible to organize both internal events (for previously defined teams of the Client or a group indicated by the Client) and public events (open possibility for teams to report their willingness to participate in exercises). The NetWars training proposed by HackingDept is an excellent opportunity to activate the environment and exchange knowledge between security teams.

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